walk the streetz

by Maddox
I walk the streets with an ear for fresh, beats and old school scratches,
hittin' back and forth like tennis maches.
Pandering tracks with sacks of my phat lyric attacks, throat dry eat a manderin, meandering
back to TrapDoor for more juice or, throw back a black pearl cider with TK the producer.
Catchin SOS's, rap fans are getting restless.
that's why I raise the bar like bench presses.
blow kisses that'll  blush your misses, crowd hush, shit smelling rappers get flushed like dead fishes.
White girls and sistas
act like kids on christmas,
They wanna sit on my lap and state their wishes.
you bitches are amateur
BigMax pull microphone out the stone like excalibur,
Smash melons like galliger.
Catch me eating reuben sandwich on rye with JD Sallinger.
The chosen,
my rhymes are fresh and never frozen,
put in work
my pen prolific like Charley Rosen.

Maddox Demo verse 1 & 2

cooler than the refer,
cultured like kefir,
I'm the Indian chief follow the beat like heat seeker.
Mad alchemist mix my rhymes in a beaker.
Call me bunsen burner when I'm hot all heater.
My back and forth can scramble your brain like egg beater,
Ride up and down on the rhythm totter teeter,
keep my eyes on my own paper I'm not a cheater,
fear no man like don Juan I'm a see-er.
Oh shit I can go all night up on the mic,
just gimme a beat and I'm a be alright,
intelligent man got a plan no need to fight,
never bite rhymes cause I like to write.
never dig people who are too uptight.
Never too fly for my friends I won't kite,
never don't go for broke up on the mic.
It's outa sight my politics avoid the right,
- :
Unrequited love
thought I had you wings of a dove
gave you the white glove but nothing was a enough.
From the beginning, the apple of my eye
 Stevie Wonder I was blind
counted the time from the flash until the thunder.
But it never came you just left me standing in the rain,
should have learned my lesson,
but you became an obsession.
Pushing the limits of my affection,
lavished you with flowers and confection,
desperation and persistence,
your indifference made me question my own existence.
- Posted by Maddox

First verse from whitestar track 2

by Maddox
Im all in plus the kitchen sink,
What you think would happen when your work ethic is so pathetic
This no maybes native of new york drop hits like the stork drop babies.
Bitin mc's get vaccinated for rabies,
foamin at the mouth like the crazies,
Maddox out the box all bussiness and talkin turkey,
never fake tofurky,
chew on my thoughts like beef jerky.
quirky kid stole the cop car outside the bar,
and left it at the junk yard,
piss on the seat,
sprayed with contempt for the heat, feet kicked out windows and set the fuckin thing on fire,
smoke signals sent to the sky burnin tires.
Everybody want to know why,
the nightly news called it hoodlums,
troubled youth no one understood em.
You talk about revolutionary times
my rhymes only reflections
now people want their elections. Raise voice make choice,
push back
attack the dragon. Pants saggin
wall taggin kids in paddy wagons.
Lost generation, systemized incrimination,
when that failed, came the implementation,
dependence on technology to stimulate sensations,
pop culture crack for whole population.
Money came cheap and we were caught with inflation, and debt,
now we over our head just as deep as we can get..

- Posted by Maddox

From essentials

by MC Thyme a.k.a. BigBen

hear this sound and Your blood pressure's raised,
from this shinning intellect,
these rhymes must be praised,
when given on time
they will give you the benign...
Essential, a feel of hypertension
thats  what I'm teaching with vocal extension
Im just  here relaxing, not  preaching  
my goal is simple, to continue reaching 
all the ladies, and have them beseeching 
Me To kick-a little game
Beckham style from here to Bahrain 
Like the world bank 
I bring enormous pain
slash all the social spending 
the only money spent will be for tending 
the long term debt you accumulate
you can never pay it back, its like your gut overweight 
a currency injection in your towns and your city 
these dope rhymes will inflate  without  pity
it gets fast and hot,
we blow up the spot
3 quarter___court  shotLike Lebron, yet I'm not,
Leaving my home team dead on the spot
See the season through, with my boys that's the true
im dropping threes and dimes
your squad flees and pines
for an end of this barrage, 
sniff CO  in your garage
lSlow it down now and hear me
Now that you got a Taste do you fear thee?!

- Posted by BigBen

The title

by Maddox a.k.a. BigMax

No fear bite the bullit,

no tear in the eye,

Girlies flock like shit to fly

rise like yeast,

breaking bread at the kings feast,

Grab the mic, I might unleash the beast,

I go on last but never least.

Steal the ring plus the ringfinger off the priest,

bounce to beats when upstate back east.

take the drivers seat.

more fans than Miami heat.

Girlies buzzin

trash their vibrators when they meet my cousin,

Spontaneous ovulation

layin eggs by the dozen

- Posted by Maddox