First verse from whitestar track 2

by Maddox
Im all in plus the kitchen sink,
What you think would happen when your work ethic is so pathetic
This no maybes native of new york drop hits like the stork drop babies.
Bitin mc's get vaccinated for rabies,
foamin at the mouth like the crazies,
Maddox out the box all bussiness and talkin turkey,
never fake tofurky,
chew on my thoughts like beef jerky.
quirky kid stole the cop car outside the bar,
and left it at the junk yard,
piss on the seat,
sprayed with contempt for the heat, feet kicked out windows and set the fuckin thing on fire,
smoke signals sent to the sky burnin tires.
Everybody want to know why,
the nightly news called it hoodlums,
troubled youth no one understood em.
You talk about revolutionary times
my rhymes only reflections
now people want their elections. Raise voice make choice,
push back
attack the dragon. Pants saggin
wall taggin kids in paddy wagons.
Lost generation, systemized incrimination,
when that failed, came the implementation,
dependence on technology to stimulate sensations,
pop culture crack for whole population.
Money came cheap and we were caught with inflation, and debt,
now we over our head just as deep as we can get..

- Posted by Maddox

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