From essentials

by MC Thyme a.k.a. BigBen

hear this sound and Your blood pressure's raised,
from this shinning intellect,
these rhymes must be praised,
when given on time
they will give you the benign...
Essential, a feel of hypertension
thats  what I'm teaching with vocal extension
Im just  here relaxing, not  preaching  
my goal is simple, to continue reaching 
all the ladies, and have them beseeching 
Me To kick-a little game
Beckham style from here to Bahrain 
Like the world bank 
I bring enormous pain
slash all the social spending 
the only money spent will be for tending 
the long term debt you accumulate
you can never pay it back, its like your gut overweight 
a currency injection in your towns and your city 
these dope rhymes will inflate  without  pity
it gets fast and hot,
we blow up the spot
3 quarter___court  shotLike Lebron, yet I'm not,
Leaving my home team dead on the spot
See the season through, with my boys that's the true
im dropping threes and dimes
your squad flees and pines
for an end of this barrage, 
sniff CO  in your garage
lSlow it down now and hear me
Now that you got a Taste do you fear thee?!

- Posted by BigBen

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