Maddox Demo verse 1 & 2

cooler than the refer,
cultured like kefir,
I'm the Indian chief follow the beat like heat seeker.
Mad alchemist mix my rhymes in a beaker.
Call me bunsen burner when I'm hot all heater.
My back and forth can scramble your brain like egg beater,
Ride up and down on the rhythm totter teeter,
keep my eyes on my own paper I'm not a cheater,
fear no man like don Juan I'm a see-er.
Oh shit I can go all night up on the mic,
just gimme a beat and I'm a be alright,
intelligent man got a plan no need to fight,
never bite rhymes cause I like to write.
never dig people who are too uptight.
Never too fly for my friends I won't kite,
never don't go for broke up on the mic.
It's outa sight my politics avoid the right,
- :
Unrequited love
thought I had you wings of a dove
gave you the white glove but nothing was a enough.
From the beginning, the apple of my eye
 Stevie Wonder I was blind
counted the time from the flash until the thunder.
But it never came you just left me standing in the rain,
should have learned my lesson,
but you became an obsession.
Pushing the limits of my affection,
lavished you with flowers and confection,
desperation and persistence,
your indifference made me question my own existence.
- Posted by Maddox

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