The Tropics

By Maddox
Mmmmm the tropics,
warm sand and cold drinks,
palm fronds and thongs,
steal drum songs.
Caribbean rum and coconut potions,
shirt unbuttoned
rub me down with lotion
SPF nuthin
skinny-dip in the ocean.
we fuckin,
check the hip motion,
Life sweet like sugar cane,
pontoon plane
Daily departures to Havana,
 open air market grab a hand of bananas.
Midnight party on the beach lets mingle
shot me the glance,
facebook status "single"
Music pumpin while we dance
I'm sly
got my hand your pants
too hot now
take you to the spot now
got the ingredient
time to cook it in the pot now
got you spinnin like the ceiling fan
I would eat it in the box with a fox like sam-I_am
bed sheet fandango
got you open dripping like mango
grab you hips now give it to you harder
In the morning it's off to the next island
grab a charter

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