by MC Thyme

sipping on the rum, in the carribean breeze
nothing is hectic, we do what we please
hanging with the ladies from latin america,
flying down the highway in the speed that made me scared of her
chillin in san juan to recharge my batteries
sitting in the sun, to think up rhymes like these

We are the team that"s ready to lay down the track
got my mic, got a rhyme, so I upload the mac
Maddox lays the beat, and I write the rhyme, giving you this flow from MC Thyme
The flavor is real the spice is nice, grilling you up like lamb chops on rice
I know you want to hear about the sex and the ladies,
take me off speaker and Ill speak of the babe(ies)
We talk to the girls who go to V's secret,
the girls who get nasty and u can act like a freak with
like cappodona I dont always rhyme, just spitting out verbals to
pass by the time

This is no way a G thing, just fellas who like to get with the G-string
we are definitely lovers and not fighters, but don't be mistaken
If you cross us kid, well fry you like bacon
Like the navy seals with the Paki ISI
your compound is taken Bin Laden....Goodbye!

Location:San Juan PR

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