Some old shit

- Maddox

gonna start this shit off right on the contact,
comb a rhyme through your hair kid, 
where the lice at. 
24/7 and plenty more rhymes, 
more fit to print than the new York times.  
achoo,  i got hip hop flu not swine
At the block party, sippin cote du rhone wine
got the most coast to coast toast on the regular, 
TK or Thyme hit me up on the cellular.
nobody know my steez, 
on the outside white kid, sport coat and jeans. 
But on the inside I'm a  hip hop fiend.
Can't get enough
 If you know what I mean,
In the story of my life,
Doin it right is the theme, 
summertime  party and
we livin the dream, 
surrounded by my team, friends and family,
Throw it down  for SC
Is sweet like candy, 
while the kids are all sandy, 
But i got this mic,
And I'm a doin what I like
And I'll  use the leverage 
party on Paul Minnie
 so Grab yourself a beverage.
take a listen down the rabbit hole with Alice
Hit the mic with mallice
 more cheerleaders than cowboys in Dalas,
They all want my fallus

Surround on all sides by pretty faces, 
you wanna know basis
check the drawers for the aces.
lay chicks like bricks, 
more notches on my bed post than ct has ticks
I'll pull a new rhyme out from under the rug, looking smug
meanwhile you're bitin  like brooklyn bed bugs 
studio thugs
can't make the rent, 
rap's for entrepreneurs 
not the circus clown tent

- MCThyme

well kid you know Im a political master, 
your political party is a fucking disaster, 
what type of shit are you sellin, 
pullin over the wool making everone yellin
 you attack the world like a soldier saying banzai 
and in the end all you offer is hamed karzai

your rhymes need adjustment and I will give you chiropractic, 
Il crack yo neck and you will flow automatic, 
you love what i write like Pablo Neruda 
I will slice you up and eat you like gouda 
dont mistake me, my brother is the one named Judah. 
Yet I still brawl like a maccabi
 hell man you will need your ribs back like applebees

- Maddox

I like how you worked the tribe in, 
while your vibin', 
meanwhile puttin on five girls, five timin.  
taste the honey drippin off the mic, I'm bee hivin'.  
Chiropractic all structure, 
watch as I pinpoint your weaknesses like acupuncture.  
dismiss you early like Amy, 
deliver the five finger punch, weaken your heart like Dick Cheney
writin it down is just practice, 
crack this,
 rap code with green barret tactics.  
Fire shit up like match sticks,
find me on the top ten bracket
take your milk money even your pennies, 
fry your headphones with a grandslam rap breakfast like denny's.

well it's hip hop intelligent, 
half black president, 
got health care reform on tap,
 it's all relevant. 
50 million under or uninsured american,
 this is the real war on terror kid. 
meanwhile GOP blowin out bullshit, 
they selling it, 
newspapers writin it up just for the hell of it

plant  ideas in your head like seed into soil,  
lyrical skill raise up like festering boil.  
people rely on this shit like barrels of foreign oil 
and all i do is spit it at the mic, ya like? 
look into your eyes and i can see the guilt.  
your bad breath and crooked teeth make the microphone wilt.  
bad rhymes settle to the bottom of the pond like silt.
ship to shore do you think you can take any more?

- MCThyme

Im the grown man from Boston, 
we fuck the girls from here down to Austin, 
no Steve we dont party with no Bush, 
dont like the longhorns and your girls fat tush 
I respect the unions but work on good friday 
why the hell am I not with you flying allday?
soon you will be back in cali so you wont puke 
hell tell your old lady go ahead eat the Cuke!

tears now
me too
out loud on plane
still laughing here
eat the cuke...... crying
crying again
can hardly type
eyes closed.  tears streaming
me too,  screaming here alone in office

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