The bris

We burnin 91 octane,
Rollin through your boro,
serious hat low and brow all furrow,
No short cuts
mc's Gotta be Thorough,
and put the time in training,
even when its rainin,
get your hands dirty, and muddy,
thirty years of study, finally honed and toned,
growned, I own this,
was a  rap apprentice,
learning from the masters,
now I'm the artisan word crafter,
no more bounced checks
now the  check casher,
rhymebook stasher,
car crash disaster
explosive, the best,
pull up your dress,
expose your flaws like a flasher,
I take this shit serious Impressive,
the takeaway message is,
better count your blessing
pop quiz after this,
better learn the lesson,
I write with depth between the lines By design,
The kine, gets better with time like fine wine,
Toil in the studio, music and linguistic,
well oiled mystics, debunk false statistics.
loyalists are pissed, got my name on their wrist,
the rabbi,
I cut you down to size like a bris.
- Posted by Maddox

Where Rhymes come from..

You wanna know dontcha,
willin to pay wontcha,
Where do rhymes come from,
peel it back like an onion,
The mystery is Revealed in the rhyme session,
the lesson,
Never forget your first impression,
Scribbles in my book become the voice over the beats
You can find the DNA like cum stained sheets.
It's not a sound it's a movement,
Ladies on the floor shaking they ass prove it.
You should attune your mood to it.
spark you lighter put a spoon to it.
deliver the next hit like a nitrous balloon and groove to it.