The force

Hit the mic like a force of course
the people want it fast
like a Porsche driving on the nurbrurgren race course,
conflict connect like pussy and dick,
nervous tick the giveaway but the charges never stick,
grab the old man handle and he'll blowout your candle,
it's above board,
the sword hidden in the kitchen cupboard,
untold lies turn back divert your eyes
i's are dotted tee's are crossed an lost but not forgotted,
try to see my style, you might look directly at the sun,
burn you retina right outta your head for fun,
check the peds rockin' florsheim,
my rhymes are april fresh,
pinesol we make the floor shine,
now take a deep breath
don't even think yeah to whisper my name,
the full court press,
you know good defense wins games,
take it to your chest,
best used by dates expiration retire,
lost the inspiration yelling the soap box town cryer.
the art form that breaks from the norm when beat drops
catch me in the girls dorm at the school of hard knocks.
- Posted by Maddox

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