Long strides

It's dark when I leave my apartment,
the night sky charcoal
Moon rising up, stars sparkle,
Collar turned up against a crisp breeze
Making my eye tear
long strides and moving briskly
in a long black peacoat,
making my way among people in the dark
But I'm doing it quickly
And calm though,
see the lights of the verrezano,
c-notes clutched in each hand
Mano y Mano,
It's never black and white piano keys
50 shades of gray,
got me feelin ok, honestly,
I'm always going through it in my mind like a dream,
karmic implication
context in the grand scheme,
The Lights off the hudson got my mind wet
night frozen in time
park bench and puff a new mindset,
brainstorm sharp as a tack, young is the night,
Move south again,
take a left at the next light.
Dark minds think alike
But when theyre Brilliant
bright minds light up the darkness like filaments,
in basements with players who are solvent
doll face makin moves with rooks
keep your books diligent.
move with stealth under a street light amber,
dress code walking with a gangster camber,
keep to your side of the street when I'm walking,
unless you want to meet the sweet talking
reason for crime scene chalkin,
follow the beat like I'm stalking
Stevie wonder gave chocolate thunder to Daryl Dawkins



One can tell by the swell
Thoughts vast like the ocean,
 Lives lost at sea on the quest for the potion
truth sung like an old familiar Recollection, 
word selection paramount to
Syllable collection,
Try to Count the tempo
slow it down like your heart,
Monks trained for years To perfect the art,
Patience and preparation 
ingredients for luck
If found round  chinatown like Peking duck.
Crack your fortune cookie
bet a fortune on the rookie,
My Style put hair on your chest like a wookie.
Your girl likes my hand up on her breast and her cookie
 whispered sweet nasty
now and she wants the nookie
You can bet your bookie
If I take her to the bedroom,
Action satisfaction now she call me max headroom.