The rooster in Damascus

MC Thyme:
I'm the starter bro',
Im the yeast in the sourdough, kicking it off to launch the new flow.
We were gone for awhile but you want more, Whitestar provides from the roof to the floor.
It's 2013,
shit's still obscene,
you know me and how I flow,
cruise missiles, Syria, natural gas murder show,
it's still about the mineral-dough,
chemical weapons the claim, the reason?
Maybe Raytheon's stock is down this season?
Latin dove, ass shakin luv, crisp chicken rub,
como te gusta, the loud Boston roostah?
Well if Thyme is the rooster
you chickens beware,
cause the cock 'll crack your eggs when he gets between your legs.
M-A-D, D-O-X
the codex,
P-D-R got the RX,
For Rolex,
We Whitestar, dont quote outa context,
Keep the compound on the DL, the complex,
We sell recoveryRX from out west.
Cut my teeth in NY the lit-mus test.
Meanwhile, underground
The task is Damascus,
The US actin like inglorious bastards.
Moving toward disaster, faster and faster.
Hollow claims we follow the invisible master.

- Posted by Maddox
All content copyrights property of Whitestar

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